VRDeck - Track behaviour in VR

VRDECK IS A web-based publication platform and CMS for interactive VR tours. Get insights with in-VR analytics. With this software, you can see where a user is looking, what the user is doing and much more.

The VRdeck events give insights about:
- The time a visitor watches a certain area (Track zone)
- Choices made by the visitor and the time it took
- Time spent in a scene

The behaviour is tracked in milliseconds so that VRdeck can even be used for scientific research.

VRdeck offers the possibility to combine 360 degree photos and video and add video/image/question/sound and tracking zones to it. VRdeck works on any laptop/desktop, tablet, smartphone and VR-headsets, such as the Oculus Go.


The following features can be found in the application

  • Easy to use platform
  • Track where your users are looking
  • Use both 360 degree photos and videos
  • Onboarding instructions
  • Get qualitative and quantitative research data
  • Learn in Virtual Reality

Target Group:

New patients/clients, new healthcare staff, young children, elderly


Usability requirements:

WiFi Connection, Oculus Go


Age Recommendation:

all ages


Last update:




Interface: English

Tags: Multilingual

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