What VR apps do we offer?

The MedKitVR app market offers a range of VR applications that will run on the MedKitVR hardware platform. If you are interested in one of our offerings, simply contact us and we will make sure you get the right application.


Children in hospitals are obstructed of play, because they are ill and often need to lay in bed. However, playing outside with others would be very beneficial for their mental health.

That is why PlaygroundVR is created: it is a virtual playground where children can spend time with each other and play, just like they would do outside.


Anxiety Reduction through spatial pre-orientation
MatterCare helps healthcare organizations to reduce anxiety & uncertainty among new clients by having them visit a healthcare department in advance virtually and interactively. This virtual experience of a care department gives more confidence; both before and during the first hospital visit.


WarpVR offers a platform to create interactive VR training. It can be used to efficiently train your staff and save time and money. Imagine that you can train your staff for difficult situations on demand. WarpVR experts can create your own content.


Relaxation through immersive 360 3D video material. These video's can be either ocean videos, wildlife and many more. They can even be used without a controller and without WiFi connection.


VRDECK IS A web-based publication platform and CMS for interactive VR tours. Get insights with in-VR analytics. With this software, you can see where a user is looking, what the user is doing and much more.

Koji's Quest by Neuroreality

Koji’s Quest can improve cognitive abilities through offering repetitive cognitive training that is both fun and engaging.

Your apps here?

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