Distract patients using high quality video material

Pain and anxiety are among the biggest problems in hospitals.360 degree VR video’s, customised for the patients interests, can distract patients. It also offers a better experience and makes the patient easier to handle. Next to that, their arms are free because they do not need to use a controller. That means you could use it while giving shots.

The more relaxed a patient is, the faster the recovery.

The ClearVR media player by Tiledmedia is a way to access an ever expanding library of high quality 360 degree 8K videostreams without compromising on quality and local storage. The immersion of these video’s work very well to distract your patients and clients. Experience the best quality VR with ClearVR software from Tiledmedia. Through smart distribution you receive a higher resolution (8K) video stream at reduced bitrates. This means better quality VR and lower distribution cost.

Possible videomaterial:

  • – Sea video’s
  • – Art
  • – Blue man group
  • – Documentaries
  • – Nature

MedKitVR can arrange a variety of video’s with different durations.

Research about this topic

More β-waves when watching VR content instead of 2D

Research shows that viewers of VR content are much more engaged that watching 2D content, by measuring β-waves activity with an EEG.

Therapeutic ocean videos

This article shows the use of ocean videomaterial as a useful therapeutic way to calm down participants.


The following features can be found in the application

  • Anxiety reduction
  • 360 3D video’s
  • Use without controller
  • Easy menu to watch new movie
  • Different videos
  • Low Bandwidth
  • High Quality (8K video’s)

Target Group:

Anyone who needs distraction and who can or cannot use their arm or hands


Usability requirements:

Oculus Go – MedKitVR


Age Recommendation:

all ages


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Interface: English

Tags: Multilingual

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