PlaygroundVR is a virtual playground for children in hospitals. In this playground, children can play, roll, run and climb just like they would do on a real play area. Even when they have to stay in bed. Children can play together with other patients or with family members when they are visiting and forget the hospital for a while.

Children can use their imagination to create their own games: the possibilities are endless in PlaygroundVR. It stimulates them to be creative, helps to relax and brings children in hospitals together.

Health benefits of PlaygroundVR

Playing outside has many benefits. It enhances creativity, boosts social interaction and lowers tress. These benefits may seem trivial, but it could mean a child has less chance of having PTSS syndrome and it will be easier to care for by the doctor.

Research about this topic

Play can lead to less stress

In the virtual playground children immerse themselves in a colorful, relaxing park experience. Research shows that such an environment leads to less anger and sadness and a boost in calmness and happiness at patients.

Playing outside will boost cognitive powers

The goal of the virtual playground is to let children explore and think of their own games, just like they would do outside. They are given the freedom to experiment, which boost their creativity.

Experience from a hospital


The following features can be found in the application

  • An open, natural playfield
  • Multiplayer functionality to play together
  • Voice over IP so children can talk with each other
  • Balls
  • Cones
  • Slides
  • Walking around using teleportation
  • Use Go Controller to grab items

Target Group:

New patients/clients, young children


Usability requirements:

Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR


Age Recommendation:

all ages


Last update:




Interface: English

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