MatterCare Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety Reduction through spatial pre-orientation
MatterCare helps healthcare organizations to reduce anxiety & uncertainty among new clients by having them visit a healthcare department in advance virtually and interactively. This virtual experience of a care department gives more confidence; both before and during the first hospital visit.

International research shows that 33% of all people experience a high degree of fear of hospital visits. One of the biggest determinants for anxiety is the hospital environment itself. Partly due to the scale and complexity, patients lose control of their environment. This causes extra anxiety in many people with a possible negative effect on medical treatment. Reduction of this extra anxiety can be achieved by good psychological preparation and by offering control and options. By having patients visit a care department virtually prior to their treatment, they can spatial pre-orientate themselves in advance.

MatterCare realizes a SPATIAL PRE-ORIENTATION by visualizing a care department "virtual and interactive" with a 3D & VR Showcase.
A Digital Reality is created based on photography, this is an innovative & significant upgrade of the existing 360 ° Virtual Tour, Virtual Tour, 360 Degree Photography, 360 ° Video, Google Street View Trusted and Virtual Reality applications.
Patients and visitors to a hospital can use this to virtually visit a care department in advance at a suitable time (24/7) without actually taking one step into the hospital. This can take place from the comfort of your own living room with the feeling that they are already present at the care location.

Research about this topic


why a virtual visit can contribute to the reduction of anxiety in new patients (see Appendix 1)/ of; Spatial Pre-Orientation in the interest of fear reduction

Advisory Report Hospitals

Implementation of 3D & VR Showcases in the interest of fear reduction (see appendix 2)


The following features can be found in the application

  • Anxiety reduction
  • Quality and safety improvement
  • Onboarding new healthcare staff
  • Spatial pre-orientation

Target Group:

New patients/clients, new healthcare staff, young children, elderly


Usability requirements:

Smartphone, Tablet, PC/laptop, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard e.a., Oculus Go.


Age Recommendation:

all ages


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Interface: English

Tags: Multilingual

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