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Infor-med voorbehandeling

Infor-Med prepares patients for hospital treatments with the use of validated, 360° virtual reality (VR) videos. The videos provide a lifelike experience, so patients already know what to expect in the hospital. By watching the videos, patients are better informed regarding their treatment or intervention, and are less anxious.

The Infor-Med concept improves healthcare by combining the information needs of patients, medical expertise and state-of-the art communication tools. The concept is unique because the scripts for the information videos are made and validated based on needs of the patients and experience of the healthcare professionals. Patients can watch the 360° VR videos in the hospital with VR glasses and at home with the use of their smartphone.

The specific Infor-Med videos match the information needs of patients regarding a treatment or intervention, improves their knowledge and thereby give more depth to the conversation between doctor and patients, and between patients and their loved ones. In addition, the fear of the unknown diminishes and the preparation for treatment improves. Is your desired video yet not available? We can discuss the possibilities of producing a new video.

Implementing the Infor-Med 360° VR information videos in the care process adds substantially to personalized healthcare and strengthening patients’ own management.


Mirjam, 36 years old: “I feel much better now I know what is going to happen during the caesarean section. My husband too, by the way!”

Henk, 80 years old: “I should have received 15 leaflets less. This video makes clear at once what I can expect.”


The following features can be found in the application

  • Video library
  • treatment information videos from patient perspective
  • reduced patient anxiety
  • 360 degree video
  • interactivity
  • increasing knowledge of treatments
  • patient empowerment

Target Group:



Usability requirements:

Oculus Go


Age Recommendation:

all ages


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English, Dutch

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