MedKitVR offers all the hardware you need on a lease contract.


We provide the training for your staff to professionally use VR.


In our expanding app store you can find VR health apps

The VR market for healthcare is fragmented

VR implementation is hospitals is a hassle, because you have to comply with hygiene regulations, staff need to be trained and you need to have the right apps. A lot of hospitals are already experimenting with VR with great results, but are unable to fully implement VR.

VR developers do not have a central saleschannel

VR developers are creating great new VR apps every day, but lack the network of hospitals to market it.

Our Mission is to make VR easy
so you can give better care to your patients


Jason van Eunen (left) and Freek Teunen (right) have the necessary experience in the field of VR. Freek Teunen has helped to create a VR experience for disabled visitors in Dutch theme park Efteling and Jason van Eunen researched how to leverage VR in the conservative construction industry.

What is MedKitVR?

We offer a full service model to start using Virtual Reality technology easily and in a professional matter. The full service model solves all your challenges for VR adoption in your hospital.

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